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Public Health Education-Coordinator

Tel: (812) 522-6474    Fax: (812) 522-2916

Lin Montgomery

Emergency Preparedness

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Division assesses and helps to improve the community’s ability to prepare for and respond to a public health emergency whether it is natural or man-made. JCHD emergency preparedness staff works with government agencies and community partners to ensure that the community is doing everything that can be done to mitigate — or reduce — the risk of harm from an emergency, to prepare for an effective response when an emergency occurs, and to recover as quickly as possible.

Assisting the Emergency Preparedness division is the Medical Reserve Corps; a select group of trained volunteers who support the response of the health department when an emergency occurs.  MRC volunteers represent many areas of expertise, with interest in strengthening local public health system and providing help in emergencies.  MRC volunteers are not first responders, but rather assist & support existing community response resources.

Health Education

Public Health Educator develops and delivers educational programs to the general public about health issues and promotes healthy lifestyles.  The public health educator is responsible for the planning, implementation and the evaluation of health education programs on topics and trends in public health issues to groups of adults and within schools systems to students.  Topics range from the dangers of tobacco use to personal hygiene and the benefits of receiving vaccines and immunizations as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control as well as current information of HIV/AIDS, STDs and harm reduction.

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