Newborns - 5 years

We hold our children's immunization clinics on Wednesdays

for newborns through 5 years old by appointment. 

5+ Years

We have immunization clinics for children 5 years old through Adults

on Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment. This includes TB testing.


We have vaccines provided by 2 different sources.



We are able to file with insurance companies for your vaccinations. This will be subject to the same co-pays or deductibles that you would have at your physicians office. Most insurances now pay for vaccinations under your wellness plan.


Call your insurance company today to see

what your coverage may be.


You may call us for details about 

which plans we are contracted with. 522-6667.

We are unable to file for adults with Medicaid.

Vaccine provided by the State at no charge to us through the Vaccine For Children program. 


This vaccine is meant for children with no insurance, insurance that does not pay for vaccines or has a cap on its coverage and for children with medicaid.


All required vaccines are available here for all children age Newborn through 18 years of age.